To examine the issues regarding the status of women at UCSF (excluding those involving wages, hours, or working conditions); to analyze existing policies, procedures, and/or programs that affect those issues; to serve as a coordinating body for groups or individuals concerned with the status of women at UCSF; and to recommend to the Vice Chancellor Diversity and Outreach changes that will continue to afford women equal and fair access to campus programs and activities. The committee is also charged with vetting nominations for the Chancellor's Advancement of Women Award. The committee will work with the Vice Chancellor's office to facilitate the implementation of campus programs, activities and procedures that promote the advancement of women at UCSF and support the Chancellor's three-year goals.

Faculty Co-Chair: Larisa Kure and Staff Co-Chair: Nerissa Ko

Staff: Andrelyn Rivera

Andrea Garber
Aparajita Singh
Catherine Lucey
Christa Watson
Diane Wara
Elizabeth Ozer
Emerald Light
Heather Nichols Beck
Katherine Diaz
Katherine Thompson-Peer
Kelly McNeill
Kemi Amin
Laurae Pearson
Lauren Hunt
Lauren Weiss
Leah Karliner
Lekshmi Santhosh
Mabel Chan
Shan Meltzer
Sharon Youmans
Snehlata Oberoi
Sofia Noori
Susan Schultz
Suya Colorado-Caldwell
Suzanne Kirrane
Suzanne Murphy
Tanuja Patel
Teri Liegler

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10 Actions to ensure that UCSF is Inclusive for Women
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Advancement of Women Leadership Award